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Meeting Emily

emily sunshineBorn in Charlotte and raised in both Charlotte and Union County (Indian Trail and Waxhaw), Emily was a true Southern girl and proud of it.  Emily attended schools in Union County, graduating in 2014 from Cuthbertson High School with Honors.  She was dedicated to strong work and study habits, and this was reflected in her grades.  Emily attended both UNCC and SPCC, desiring to study Business and minor in Spanish.  Emily had always wanted to travel, especially to further her studies in the Spanish language.  Emily worked with and tutored an Autistic child and developed a loving rapport with him.  She had a special place in her heart for this child that was to be admired. 

In her free time, Emily enjoyed being with her family, which included her mom, dad and sister as well as her extended family.  She also valued time with her friends and her boyfriend.  Emily enjoyed music, shopping and unique restaurants. Emily was a fun-loving girl, always laughing and finding the neat things to appreciate in people and in life. Emily loved the beach and the mountains; she was up for a trip to either of these places at a moment's notice. 

Emily had a big heart and was full of life and love. She will be remembered in many ways, but especially for her charisma and the love she brought to others. 

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Psalm 16:5

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